onsdag 30. juli 2008

Omg, this was like the best dream ever!

Oh my God! Wow, I mean, are you swedish?
You are so goregous! This was like the best dream ever. Waking up with three beautiful blonde girls. Do you mind if I take a picture? You see, my buddy back in Georgia is in the army, and he would be sooo jealous!
Haha. He replies. "Fuck you, you lucky bastard!" Wow.By the way,I'm Jack. And you? Wow, two Karolines and one Amanda. Not bad. And how old are you? 18??? Wow, cute. I'm 26.What are you studying? Oh, and what do you want to study after that? Do you want to study medicine, Amanda? What do you like about that? Humans and neurology...? Wow, you gotta be smart. Hey, girls, you speak English really good to be Norwegians.

Haha, han amerikaneren på rommet var morsom:D Og London var best...<3 Men skulle så gjerne vært millionær! Da hadde jeg kommet hjem med privatfly overfylt med klær, sko, vesker, sminke, undertøy osv!

Bare 10 dager til Hellas:D

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